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What does the lifetime warranty cover?Updated 3 months ago

Our products are backed by a lifetime warranty that covers any defects in materials used to manufacture the product, any defects in workmanship under normal use, and any broken components under normal use. 

Our stainless steel accessories are guaranteed to never tarnish or turn your skin green. 

What will we do to correct any problems?

  • Repair the product at no cost
  • Repair any broken parts using new or replacement parts
  • Exchange the malfunctioning product for a new product
  • Offer a full refund for the item

What do you have to do?

  • Contact us to determine whether your damaged product is covered under this warranty
  • Return the damaged product to us
  • Provide us with an address to send the repaired or replaced product
  • Please send all inquiries to [email protected] 
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